Our Eleven Foot Farmhouse Table

Our Eleven foot farmhouse table has a back story:

By Angela Cappetta.

Our beloved neighbor Jimmy DiResta also happens to be a YouTuber with a massive 1M plus following. We saw a similar table sitting on his front porch and asked him if he’d build one for us. He did! We love it and we love him. Here’s a little snippet from his YouTube Channel where you can see the build and the final product.

“While Jimmy DiResta always makes his builds look easy, this is one that we might actually be able to do. This month Jimmy builds a massive, eleven-foot-plus farmhouse dining table, using a very limited amount of tools. It’s a reminder that you don’t need a fully-outfitted shop in order to build something as huge and sturdy as this. Jimmy shows us how he handles one of the most important parts on a table of this size--the corner bracing, which needs to be both sturdy and in this case knock-down. And as always the video is sprinkled with helpful tips, including the easiest way in the world to make boards look weathered. (Hint: Get an assist from Mother Nature.)”

Now, we have a real heritage piece, made from goods provided by Mother Nature. We are so happy to offer it in our inventory for all our event clients.